Personal Training

We're talking about YOUR workout, YOUR body and YOUR goals.  YOUR training should be specifically tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve YOUR goals.  I promise to do just that, with comprehensive, unique and personalized workouts everytime we train together.

A lot of my clients love to learn how to box (i.e. hitting the bag, mitts, boxing drills) as a cardio and strengthening workout and are impressed with the results.  Fitness boxing is an incredible full-body workout that tones and transforms.  I also do all traditional training sessions, for those who don't care box as part of the workout.

Small Group Training

Small group training can be an effective and less costly way for you to achieve your fitness goals.  Whether you want to train with a group of friends for fun, you and your significant other want to bond while you workout or you and your best friend need some encouragement, I can make something work for everyone!

Technique Class
Tuesdays -  7:15-8:15 pm
(New sessions begin each month, please call before the first Tuesday of each month to register.)
This class breaks down boxing basics & will build your skills from the ground up. You will leave this class more confident in your abilities as a fighter. Footwork, offense & defense will be covered in great detail to provide you with a well-rounded knowledge base of
what it takes to be an elite-level boxer.
Whether you're new to boxing, need a review, are ready to start sparring, or want to improve your general boxing technique and skill level, this class is perfect for anyone!

Accomplish your goals.

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What's stopping you?

Corporate Programs
Custom corporate programs are available.  I can travel to your office, you can come to the gym or a mixture of both.  Please call or email to inquire.

Training for Athletes

Sport-specific training enables athletes to get stronger, faster and better at their respective sport.  This type of training is for serious athletes who want to see progress in their skill, speed (hands & feet), precision, power, endurance, balance, reaction time, focus, discipline, and mental toughness.  Cross-training is commonly implemented by professional-level coaches for some of the world's best athletes!

I have had the pleasure of working with high school athletes to increase performance, resulting in athletic scholarships.  As well as, collegiate athletes at D1, D2 & D3 schools and professional athletes.

Experience working with athletes from multiple sports, including: football, basketball, tennis, swimming, MMA (& more!)


Training available as early as 6AM and as late as 10PM.


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