Katie Harrington


Personal Trainer - Cincinnati, OH

I am a certified personal trainer through The International Sports Sciences Association (nationally accredited organization). I have always been passionate about fitness, having played a wide variety of sports since age 4! I hold a current passbook with USA boxing and often compete in tournaments and matches.

Boxing Accomplishments:

2015 U.S. Intercollegiate Boxing Association (USIBA) Middleweight Champion

2015 Ohio State Fair Middleweight Champion

2016 USIBA Silver Medalist

2016 National Women’s Golden Gloves Silver Medalist

2016 Ringside World Champion

2017 NCBA Midwest Regional Champion

2017 NCBA National Bronze Medalist

2017 USIBA Middleweight Champion

2018 Sugar Bert National Silver Medalist

2019 Sugar Bert National Gold Medalist


Your questions answered:
Why should I train with you?
I invest much more time and interest into each one of my clients than many traditional trainers that just want to 'get the job done'. I provide a nutrition plan for every single client. All of my plans are individualized, I do not have a 'standard' workout for every client. I realize everyone is different, has different needs, goals and preferences. I love seeing clients achieve their goals and ultimately become happier, healthier, more fulfilled people.
If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?
The secret is.... There is no secret! You can only achieve the results you want with hard work and dedication. Although, I would say, one of the most overlooked pieces of a healthy lifestyle is nutrition. Nutrition is something I think everyone struggles with, but you usually cannot lose that last little bit of weight, gain lean muscle, lose fat or even keep your energy up throughout the day without a clean, healthy diet.
Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.
Typically I help people lose excess weight, firm and tone. I have also worked with a couple of athletes, helping them prepare for competitions and games in the gym, using specific exercises to advance them in their sport.
What do you like most about your job?
I really love seeing people get excited when their bodies start to change. When I have been working with a client for a couple months I get to see the change and progress, not just in their body but also their confidence and demeanor. I think it's really cool to see someone's hard work pay off and get that satisfaction that they always dreamed of.

Experience & Certifications:

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified in safe and proper body movement and the use of fitness equipment by the YMCA

  • Red Cross certification in first aid, blood bourne pathogens and the use of an AED

  • Lots of experience teaching and coaching in previous sport, as well as many years of experience as a personal trainer

  • Assistant coach for Cincinnati High School Boxing team for the past 4 years

  • President of The University of Cincinnati Boxing Club for 3 years


Training available as early as 6AM and as late as 10PM.


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